Special prosecutor appointed in Posey Co. child abuse trial

Special prosecutor appointed in Posey Co. child abuse trial

POSEY CO., IN (WFIE) - A judge appointed a special prosecutor in the trial of a Posey County man accused of severely hurting his two-month-old daughter.

The Posey County Prosecutor, Travis Clowers, requested a special prosecutor in the trial because he was the one who called 911 on December 22, saying 40-year-old Shannon Eric Shepherd's baby wasn't breathing. Shepherd's wife had reached out to Clowers because they all go to the same church.

Shepherd told investigators the baby fell off a bed when he wasn't looking. He also said the baby had fallen out of a swing, a few weeks prior.

Doctors report that's not possible, because the baby has a lengthy list of injuries, from bruises and broken bones, to bleeding of the brain. We're told the infant could develop disabilities, could lose hearing and eyesight, or get cerebral palsy.

While openly talking in courtroom Wednesday, Shepherd said this happened because of his lack of action and lack of response. He turned to his loved ones, saying, "tell my kids I love them," and "I didn't put my hands on her in a violent manner."

His mother, Linda Glaser, calls the three battery charges and neglect charge "ridiculous." She says her son does have a troubled past, he was turning his life around and would "never harm a child."

Shepherd and his wife do not have custody of the baby right now. He goes back to court in February.

The special prosecutor is a deputy prosecutor from Daviess County, Indiana.

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