Gibson Co. railroad crossing confusion

Gibson Co. railroad crossing confusion

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - A Gibson County railroad crossing is causing chaos.

I's about two miles outside downtown Princeton, on County Road 150 East. We're told the issue stems from trains blocking the crossing for hours, even days at a time.

People who live and work along County Road 150 East depend on this road, and they shouldn't be restricted by an inconsistent railroad crossing. Some days he four tracks are cleared. On other days, trains are at a dead stop.

Gibson County Commissioner, Gerald Bledsoe says residents have complained about Norfolk Southern parking trains on these tracks. They say emergency vehicles can't get through.

Norfolk Southern representative, Dave Pidgeon says trains can be stopped for "a number of reasons" ranging from mechanical issues to daily maintenance. He says police and fire can request a crossing to be opened in the event of an emergency.

Indiana state law prohibits trains sitting at crossings for more than 10 minutes.

The Gibson County Sheriff's Office have issued 21 tickets to the railroad since April.

That's something Pidgeon says he is "aware."

He says the company's main concern is safety, so they've notified the commissioners they want to have the crossing closed- this means the road would dead and both sides.

But Bledsoe isn't for it. says it's dangerous.

"It's a hardship now and it would really be a hardship if we close it permanently."

Gibson County residents are encouraged to voice their concerns at a meeting on January 19.

We'll continue to track this story and stay with it as it develops.

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