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Challenger League raises $75K in two months


The Challenger League has raised $75,000 in the last two months. 

The Evansville City Council eliminated all funding for the organization in the 2016 budget.

However, a small business owner dipped into his retirement bonus to donate to the league.

President Matt Pokorney says that an anonymous man who worked for a small business for nearly three decades was due a retirement bonus.

Instead of having a special party in his name to receive the bonus, he dedicated the entire balance to the Challenger League.

The Challenger League does not know the name of the man or the total amount donated, but say that it is the gesture that matters. 

"In lieu of his retirement party, his bonus, in lieu of getting that himself, he is transferring that amount into Challenger League baseball,” said Matt Pokorney. 

“So this is a common citizen, a guy that worked all his life, giving his hard earned dollar to something he believes in.” 

The Challenger League is pushing to raise $100,000 for a new turf field.

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