Highway bill would make Natcher future I-65 spur

Highway bill would make Natcher future I-65 spur

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - In Washington D.C., the House recently passed legislation that will designate the William H. Natcher Parkway in western Kentucky as a future Interstate 65 spur. We talked to several local leaders and drivers who are excited about the legislation and would like to see the Natcher Parkway become an interstate.

Semi-truck drivers David Gross and Robert Stubbs have been hauling loads across America for more than 18 years. Gross says small towns and two lane roads can be a pain, but it's smooth sailing when his tires hit the interstate.

"Interstate is easier. Wider roads, overpass is higher for wider loads, over height, and traffic is a little better," said Gross.

The drive from Owensboro to Bowling Green could get easier for Gross and Stubbs. The House recently passed the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act. It's a bill that would designate the William H. Natcher Parkway as a future Interstate 65 spur.

"If someone looks on a map from Boston or New York or from San Francisco and they'll say there is this great community called Owensboro we heard about that we can look at it and say it's a great community and it has interstate access therefore we can look to grow economically," said Congressman Brett Guthrie.

Owensboro Mayor Ron Payne says an interstate to Owensboro is great for new business and long term economic development in the area.

Trucker Robert Stubbs says it's also good news for drivers.

"It's a lot easier. You get from point A to point B quicker," said Stubbs.

If the bill passes the Senate and the President signs it, work will have to be done on the Natcher to bring it up to Interstate standards. That includes reworking three former toll booth interchanges.

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