Vanderburgh Co. restaurant inspection reports

Vanderburgh Co. restaurant inspection reports

VANDERBURGH CO., IN (WFIE) - Here are the latest food inspection reports (11/16 - 11/20) from the Vanderburgh Co. Health Department as submitted to WFIE:

With violations

Stop & Go; 520 S Barker Ave. – 3 critical (lacking serve safe certified employee, lacking grease trap maintenance log, hand sink needed by three compartment sink) and 5 non-critical (ice machine cover held on outside by duct tape, chicken refrigerator glass cracked, wet wiping cloth not store in sanitizer when not in use, seal unfinished wood and shelved at front counter, light shielding and or end caps needed by kitchen, dry stock, soda/coffee serving, and ice machine, and clean shelves under soda/coffee machines and chicken refrigerator).

Marathon; 201 E Louisiana St. – 1 non-critical (gasket in walk-in door needs repaired).

Popeye's Chicken; 3300 N 1st Ave. - 2 critical (chemical sanitizing below required level, no grease trap maintenance log available).

KFC; 900 S Green River Rd. – 1 critical (coleslaw not at 41 degrees Fahrenheit), 1 non-critical (cooler used for coleslaw not working properly).

Spudz N Stuff; 815 S Green River Rd. – 1 critical (cutting board not being removed, washed, rinsed, and sanitized every 4 hrs. when in use), 2 non-critical (bus cart needs cleaning or replaced, floor soiled).

Canton Inn; 947 North Park Dr. – 2 non-critical (items in walk-in not covered, outside of equipment needs cleaning).

Vanderburgh County Jail – Aramark; 3500 N Harlan Ave. – 3 critical (items in walk-in lacking dates for food held over 24 hrs., insects present near trash cans, spray bottle not marked with contents), 2 non-critical (sinks near slicer dripping, lacking or broken dispenser for paper towels at hand sinks).

Happy Garden; 1927 Pollack Ave. – 1 critical (scoops needed for bulk product dispensing), 2 non-critical (improper thawing of chicken in compartment sink, outside of equipment prep are in need of cleaning).

McDonald's; 1817 Bartlett Ave. – 1 non-critical (grease trap maintenance log not current).

Pizza King; 1033 S Weinbach Ave. – 1 critical (spray bottle lacking label with contents).

Right Stuff; 1321 N Fulton Ave. – 1 non-critical (light shielding and end caps needed by ice machine).

G.D. Ritzy's; 4810 University Dr. – 2 critical (not washing hands before glove use, reach in not maintaining 41 degrees Fahrenheit or colder), 1 non-critical (some ceiling tiles and vents are soiled with dust).

YoYo Express LLC; 600 N Burkhardt Rd. – 2 non-critical (2 liter shelves soiled).

Subway; 301 Main St. – 3 non-critical (sanitizer for 3 compartment sink lacks calibration to dispense proper chemical concentration, grease trap maintenance log not documented, personal items improperly stored).

Captain D's; 1200 Covert Ave. – 2 critical (improper cooling of green beans, gnats near mop sink area), 5 non-critical (improper storage of single service items, non-food contact surfaces of mixer soiled, fry vents need cleaning, floors in need of repair, walls in kitchen near prep table and sink needs cleaning).

Hardee's; 1501 N Boeke Rd. – 1 critical (chemical sanitizer below required concentration), 1 non-critical (outside of equipment needs cleaning).

Taste of India; 4700 Vogel Rd. – 1 critical (cutting board not properly cleaned every 4 hrs. when in use), 6 non-critical (items in walk in not covered, laundry bag behind front counter, wipe cloths not stored in sanitizer when not in use, bus carts heavily soiled, microwave soiled, door sweep needed for back door).

Big M's Pizzeria; 1313 N First Ave. – 1 critical (foods not protected from cross contamination), 2 non-critical (items lacking date marking, grease trap log not up to date).

Without violations

Azzip Pizza; 5225 Pearl Dr. Ste E.

Fazoli's; 5232 Weston Rd. – completed all violations from previous inspection.

Brick Pizzeria; 101 NW 1st St. – approved to operate.

Subway; 520 Mary St.

Subway; 4218 First Ave.

Baskin Robbins; 848 S Green River Rd.

Domino's Pizza; 1304 S Green River Rd.

Great American Cookie Co.; 800 N Green River Rd.

Auntie Ann's; 800 N Green River Rd.

Chick-fil-A; 800 N Green River Rd.

Beans & Baristas; 800 N Green River Rd.

Inside Scoop; 800 N Green River Rd.

Dream Creamery; 800 N Green River Rd. Ste. 122 – ok to open.

Donut Bank; 2128 First Ave.

Coconut Café; 2301 N First Ave.

Chuckles Food Mart; 1601 S Green River Rd.

Ruler Food Store; 230 B S Green River Rd.

Jimmy Johns; 701 N Burkhardt Rd.

Big Top; 1213 W Maryland St.

Family Dollar; 1 N Weinbach Ave.

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