Perry Co. students learn valuable skill

Perry Co. students learn valuable skill

PERRY CO., IN (WFIE) - Some students in Perry County are learning a valuable skill while saving the school thousands of dollars.

Tech Support is a new class this year at Perry Central High School.

The students learned how their school-issued laptops work.  And they are now serving as extra IT help for the corporation.

Which is good news for the seniors in the class.

"I've actually put this on a few resumes and it always gets a good response," says Trent Farnzman.  "I've got experience working with computers.  I've got the know-how and I've got experience working with others, which is a good plus for resumes."

"I've got a couple of scholarships already, partially because of the class," adds Hayden Hilgenhold.  "I've got an internship because of it and just putting it on my resume.  So far, I think it's going to do a lot for me."

The principal tells us this helps the school district out by not having to hire someone to fulfill IT work.

He says before, he or other teachers would do that work.

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