Good Samaritan helps Evansville woman out at gas pump

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Imagine pumping gas, going to pay for it, and you're credit card isn't working.

"Evidently there was a fraud issue on my card that day and I wasn't aware of it," says Gloria Barnett.

Thomas Hampton overheard what was going on and stepped up.

"I gave her the money," says Hampton.  "She's like no you don't have to do that."

It was $24 and Gloria Barnett was amazed a stranger would do that.

Gloria explained how she tried to pay Hampton back.   "He was like no, it's not necessary."

Gloria snapped a picture, posted it on Facebook, and she eventually tracked Thomas down.

Gloria is the operational manager at Moore Music off Morgan Avenue.

Gloria decided to give Thomas, a father of five, some tickets to a University of Evansville basketball game for the family.

But Thomas says he never expected any of this and he would do it again.

"Makes you feel good on the inside you know," explains Hampton.

" With Thanksgiving coming, the holidays coming, the post made other people happy," says Barnett.

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