American Cancer Society's Great American Smoke out, encouraging smoke to quit for one day

American Cancer Society's Great American Smoke out, encouraging smoke to quit for one day

KENTUCKY (WFIE) - Those who have quit say it's the hardest but one of the most rewarding things they've ever done.

We're talking about those who have quit smoking cigarettes. Thursday was the Great American Smoke out, a campaign launched by the American Cancer Society.

Tri-Stater Sarah Alcorn tells 14 News she was a heavy smoker for years.

"Over time, I really tried many times to quit smoking," said Sarah Alcorn. "It wasn't until the last couple of years when I was diagnosed with COPD."

She says getting the news at just age 29 that she has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, was devastating, but the wakeup call she needed to hear.

"She told me it wouldn't be long until I was on oxygen if I continue to smoke because my respiratory issues are that bad. It was a major influence for me to stop smoking for good."

Putting down that cigarette, for just one day, like during the American Cancer Society's campaign, Sarah says, can really encourage you to make that lifelong commitment.

"I think that if you do decide to quit smoking, even if it's just for a day, that you can really see the benefits in that one day of how you feel throughout the day, whether you notice the smell isn't present in your life or if you notice the people around you aren't coughing."

Through social media, and reaching out to smokers one-on-one, Judy Gargus with the American Cancer Society believes this campaign can be just the tool smokers might need to get the ball rolling on a healthier lifestyle.

"It really encourages awareness of the dangers of smoking and its encouraged communities to go smoke free," said Gargus. "It encourages people to live healthier lives, protecting the non smoker and encouraging the smoker."