New automotive training available at Ivy Tech

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Great news for Ivy Tech students enrolled in the automotive program.

Training normally reserved for after graduation will be included in their curriculum.

The Mopar-Chrysler CAP Program is an opportunity for students to get Chrysler-specific training, which means they'll be ready to hit the ground running after graduation.

It'll be in addition to their classes, and they'll be working on customer service, electrical training, brakes, and all the basics.

Once complete, they'll be level-two Chrysler-trained technicians.

"So if they didn't have this training, it would take them close to a month, month and a half or so to sit down and go through all the training and get the certification so they could do the warranty work on the newer cars," explains Chris Kaufman, Automotive Program Chair.

"A lot of them are very excited about it. I have one now that accepted the job at Expressway Dodge this week."

An introduction for the program is Thursday, but it'll be officially implemented spring semester.

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