Syrian doctor in Tri-State to speak Tuesday night

Syrian doctor in Tri-State to speak Tuesday night

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - A Tri-State doctor, born and raised in Syria, will speak Tuesday night at Owensboro Community and Technical College.

The event is about the Syrian conflict and the toll it's taking on human lives.

Dr. Bashar Mourad planned to have this discussion over a month ago, but recent events make the topic even more relevant.

Dr. Mourad still has family in Syria.

"You can hear explosions on the phone. This became part of their daily life," said  Dr. Mourad. "They send their kids to school not knowing if the kids are going to come back safe."

That's why Dr. Mourad says he wants people to come to his lecture and join in the discussion.

He wants community members to understand what's going on in his home country.

Dr. Mourad is also concerned that many governors, including Indiana's Mike Pence, have said they don't want Syrian refugees in the their states.

"I was really saddened by that news because those people that are fleeing from Syria, they're fleeing the same terrorism that the people from Paris suffered on Friday," said Dr. Mourad. "They are trying to find a better situation for their families."

Dr. Mourad said there is only one clear way to make that possible.

"ISIS must be defeated. There are no ifs and buts about it. I really think we should utilize the technologies we have, especially social media to put forward a message about Islam and what it's all about," said Dr. Mourad.

Dr. Mourad will speak at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday night at Owensboro Community and Technical College, in the Chandler Conference Room, Advanced Technology Center, 107.

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