Union County Jail supervisors to be equipped with tasers

Union County Jail supervisors to be equipped with tasers

UNION CO., KY (WFIE) - A Western Kentucky jail is getting a new tool to prevent dangerous situations from escalating. Soon, all supervisors at Union County Jail will be equipped with Tasers.

Union County Jail Chief Deputy Jason Newton says using a taser is actually the most humane way to handle a combative situation.

Up until this point we've had two choices," said Newton. "We've had pepper spray which may or may not be effective depending on the inmate, and impact weapons or hands, actually physically fighting with a combative inmate. That can lead to both injuries to the staff and to the inmate."

The hope, though, is to never have to use it.

"The inmates are generally very cooperative so we don't expect to have to use it very much, we don't use our pepper spray very much but we want to have it in the event we may need it."

Union County isn't the only jail in our area to jump on board with the tasers. In fact, they used to have them themselves years ago.

"Most of our neighboring jails already have tasers in place, there used to be placed tasers here many years ago. Probably the reason ours were phased out is because of an expense or a training issue. It's just kind of updating what we're doing here."

Before the 4 supervisors are equipped with the tasers, they'll have to go through training. Newton hopes the supervisors will be trained up and equipped by December 1st.

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