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Severe Weather Safety

(Editor's Note: This information is provided by the National Weather Service)


If a warning is issued for your area...or if ominous weather is approaching, do you know what to do? Did you know severe thunderstorms could be as damaging as tornadoes? Here are some safety rules to recall if severe weather threatens.  Be aware that all thunderstorms produce lightning.  If you can see lightning or hear thunder, you’re in danger.  Get in a hard topped vehicle or substantial building with grounded plumbing or electrical wiring.  For the wind, hail, or tornado threats…


         In Homes…

               Get away from windows...doors and outside walls.

         Go to the basement. If you have no basement, go to a first floor room at the center of the house...preferably a bathroom...hallway or closet.

                     Get under heavy furniture or cover your head with blankets or pillows.



         In Schools…

         Follow school official’s instructions.

         Go to the lowest floor to small interior rooms or hallways.

         Stay away from windows and doors.

         Avoid auditoriums and gymnasiums with large free span roofs that can

collapse in a tornado or severe thunderstorm downbursts.


         In Public Buildings…

         Follow the facility security personnel’s instructions. Go quickly to a designated shelter or to an interior area of the building on the lowest floor.

         Stay away from glass.

         Use stairs rather than elevators.

         Stay inside! The building is safer than going outside to get in your car.


         In Vehicles and Mobile Homes...

         Go immediately to the basement or shelter of a nearby sturdy building. Sturdy buildings are the safest place to be.

         Never try to out-drive a tornado, especially in the city.

         If there is no building nearby, lie flat in a low spot and cover your head. 

         Do not take shelter under an overpass.


         At Large Public Gatherings…

         Organizers should plan ahead and have weather information available.

         Spectators should follow the guidance announced by officials at the event. 


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