Crowd gets sneak peek at documentary on UE plane crash

Crowd gets sneak peek at documentary on UE plane crash

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - A large crowd gathered at Willard Library on Monday to get a sneak peek at a new film about one of Evansville's darkest days.

"From the Ashes" is a documentary about the night of the UE plane crash in 1977. Filmmaker Joe Atkinson has been working on it for about two years.

"There were 76 interviews done," said Joe. "About 42 ½ hours worth of interview footage that ended up turning into this hour and a half film. Without them, there's no movie."

One of those interviewed, Edward Folz, the dispatcher on duty that night.

He remembers that chaotic night in the film, but also provided the filmmaker with a rare and chilling audio recording, from the night of the crash, that was given to him years ago.

"It was very dramatic," said Edward. "It was a tough time for everybody involved.

For Kathy Vonderahe, this is more than just a film. It's a real-life documentary about the night her life changed forever.

Her husband was on that plane.

"He was just a super, super fan, both of UE and USI," she said. "He just unfortunately was with them that particular night."

She believes this 90-minute documentary is more than just audio, video, and interviews edited together. It's an important piece of Evansville history, that she feels the city's younger generation doesn't full grasp.

Some music and other final touches are being added to the film. After it is complete, the decision will be made on how to distribute the film.

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