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Self-defense or not? Murder trial underway for Evansville man


Happening this week, the trial of a man facing murder charges.  His team says it was self-defense.  The prosecutors think different.

29-year-old Demeko Bradley was apprehended by U.S. Marshals in Louisville, after a December shooting at the Marathon gas station in Evansville at Walnut and Kentucky.

Bradley charged with murder, in the shooting death of Decedric Williams in December of 2014.  

About two weeks later, Bradley arrested in Louisville.  

Today, a jury was seated, opening statements were made, and evidence presented.  

EPD detectives testified that when he was arrested, Bradley had a bag with bus tickets and cell phones inside.  

Detectives said they weren't able to recover any data from those phones.  

Defense attorneys claim the shooting was in self-defense.  

Witnesses told police there was a dispute between the suspect and Williams.  

Police say Bradley fired multiple shots and that Williams fired shots in return.

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