Gov. Pence vows to finish I-69

Gov. Pence vows to finish I-69

SANTA CLAUS, IN (WFIE) - We're about a month away from I-69 being opened to Bloomington.

Meantime, the state is working on funding the final portion of the highway to Indianapolis.

Governor Mike Pence told people in Santa Claus on Thursday that he will finish I-69 while he is still governor.

Pence says finding the funding for the final section of the highway is a top priority for him.

The governor also outlined how he plans to do that by investing a billion dollars to preserve roads across Indiana.

He says the funding would be tax-free and would use the state's saved money.

Democrats have said it's too late for Pence to announce his plan, with 175 deficient bridges within 8 counties in Southwest Indiana. Those counties include Gibson, Pike, Dubois, Spencer and Perry Counties.

But the governor says it's important to him to finish what he's started and that means preserving roads.

He says, the fact is, they aren't that bad.

"Indiana's roads and bridges rate above our neighbors and rate above the national average. I think that's a result in the investments we've made over the past 10 years and we'll continue to make those investments. When it comes to infrastructure, you have to do three things. You have to take care of what you got, you have to finish what you started and you have to plan for the future," said Pence.

There's no official ribbon cutting date yet for I-69 to Bloomington, but Governor Pence did say it will be in early December.

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