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Pine Haven Health and Rehabilitation Center

At Pine Haven Health and Rehabilitation Center we understand that selecting the right facility is one of the most difficult decisions an individual has to make, either for himself or for a loved one. 

Our goal is to make this transition as comfortable for you and your family as possible. 

Pine Haven is the only long-term care facility in Evansville, which has been privately owned by the Stocker family since 1957. 

In 1956 Anita Stocker, a public health nurse, worked in the community caring for the ill in their homes.  She realized that there were many elderly persons who needed continuous care and/or supervision.  Jim and Anita Stocker decided to build Pine Haven Health and Rehabilitation Center, choosing to locate the facility across from their home in a grove of pine trees Mr. Stocker had planted.

Pine Haven is continuing to provide quality long-term care and rehabilitation services in a home-like surrounding, only a privately owned home can do.  Since its conception in 1957, Pine Haven has had several additions and amenities added.  Our new state of the art twenty-eight bed building addition was completed in February 2001.  It offers 8 private and 10 semi-private rooms.  All resident rooms will have private bathing accommodations, built in linen cabinets, and offer a spectacular country view.  The entire addition will also have central air conditioning, three (private) lounges, and a gas fireplace.

Pine Haven believes certain truths about our fellow man, including:

  • Each person is a unique individual, and is therefore of great worth and is entitled to respect.
  • While people's needs are similar they satisfy them in their own unique ways.
  • Seeking good health, knowledge, emotional involement in life and a spiritual commitment.
  • People are adaptive, and are able to remain active and find a home here at the facility, despite advanced age or physical disability.
  • A person, through some personal motivation and the encouragement by others can hold onto their values and beliefs.

Pine Haven takes pride in taking care of your family member.  Thank you for considering Pine Haven and please feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns.

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