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Dead beagle found in bucket near Humane Society in Henderson Co.


Animal Control officers are investigating after a beagle was found dead inside a bucket near the Humane Society of Henderson County.  

We're told it happened Tuesday night at the shelter on Drury Lane.  

14NEWS obtained surveillance video, which shows the driver speeding past the gate and ditching the young female beagle after the shelter had already closed.  

"It had very large mammary tumors on her, it looks like she had been over bred," said Animal Control Officer Katie Crooks. "It was stuffed down inside the bucket with a plastic bag covering it."

Animal Control officers would really like to find out who did this but the surveillance video is all they have to work with.  

They say the low quality footage doesn't help them identify the truck that dropped the dog off after hours.

Officers are hoping for witnesses to come forward.  They say what happened is a crime.  

"Neglect definitely played a part in it especially with the large mammary tumors, those don't happen over night," Crooks said.  "There was a straw found in its mouth so this animal was probably kept in a beagle hutch." 

Crooks says the owner had options, it didn't have to come to this.

"If he couldn't afford the vet bills he could have brought it here and surrendered it," Crooks said.  "As long as you're a Henderson County resident, we are an open intake facility. We would have been more than happy to take the animal and get it the help it needed."

Officers are concerned this owner has other dogs.  

If you have any information about this case, call the Humane Society of Henderson County.

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