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Evansville doctor experiences heart attack on golf course, still alive because of AED


An Evansville doctor making a remarkable recovery after a scary moment on Rolling Hills golf course in Newburgh.

And he says he's alive today because of a key piece of technology.

Dr. Roger Shinnerl was golfing in Newburgh when his heart stopped beating.

On May 31st, Shinnerl was golfing with fellow doctors when he fell and couldn't get up.

"They came over and realized that I wasn't breathing.  I didn't have a pulse," says Shinnerl.

Luckily, an AED was in the nearby club house.  

" We definitely had a big problem, after the AED was brought out and they used that, I woke up."

" I love coming out here.  I still love coming out here.  This is really a very special place for me now."

Deaconess Heart Hospital and HeartSavers presented 11 automated external defibrillators to the EVSC last week.

EVSC placed the AEDs in middle schools throughout Vanderburgh County. 

The timing of this donation is especially meaningful as October is Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month.

During this month, health care professionals emphasize the importance of having life-saving AEDs in public places in the event someone has a Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Save a Heart with Art event is going on this Friday at the Evansville Museum of Art and Science, to raise money to put more life-saving AED's across the Tri-state.

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