Taking a Stand: UE Guarantee

Taking a Stand: UE Guarantee

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - By: Tom Kazee, President of UE

There has been a great deal of discussion these days about higher education – especially about its purpose and value.

At UE, we recognize the challenges that face today's college students and their families. That's why we've taken a stand to ease concerns about financial burdens and future uncertainties by offering what we call the UE Guarantee.

The guarantee consists of five specific assurances:

First, we guarantee each student will graduate in four years, or the fifth is on us.

We guarantee each student will be mentored by faculty fully committed to their success.

We guarantee a scholarship to 100 percent of all full-time enrolled students entering as freshmen.

We guarantee each student access to at least one internship and the opportunity for more,

And we guarantee each student the opportunity to study abroad.

At UE, our core purpose is to provide students with life-transforming educational experiences. I encourage you to learn more about this commitment and the UE guarantee by visiting our website at evansville.edu/guarantee

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