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Evansville preschoolers prepare to say goodbye to new friends


It's almost time for an Evansville preschool class to say goodbye to new friends.

About a month ago, we told you about the bond between some kids at the Deaconess Children's Enrichment Center and workers tearing down the old Doctor's Plaza building across the street.

[Unlikely friendship: Construction workers bond with preschoolers in Evansville]

Watching the demo process and seeing the guys became a big deal to the kids.

The crew will finish its work soon, so Wednesday they invited the kids over for pizza to celebrate.

The kids wrote and illustrated stories for their friends and made dessert.

Parents chipped in on gift cards and even gave the men plaques and trophies.

"I cried this morning when I had to sit down and write the thank you cards for these guys,” said Christina Gilliam, Lead Teacher.  “It is almost like these three guys live in our classroom.”   

“You can't walk in a day without hearing one of the kids do that, 'I'm gonna be Bud, now you be Mr. Steve', let's go build this building!  And they'll go back there and spend the entire time."

The crew will be tearing up concrete and finishing other work over the next few weeks.

Other workers will then build a hospice facility.

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