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Evansville woman shares domestic violence story to help others still fighting

Vanderburgh Co. Prosecutor's Office Vanderburgh Co. Prosecutor's Office
Albion Fellows Bacon Center Albion Fellows Bacon Center

" He was going to kill me, it had escalated to that point," explains Kelly Wonder.

"The last attack he strangled me, beat with a gun for over an hour.  I knew it was only going to keep getting worse.  If I didn't reach out for help, I would wind up dead."

It's part of Kelly's past, she doesn't choose to remember.  But now it fuels her to help others.

"Back in 2003, I was in a violent relationship.  I've gotten to experience both sides."

Kelly now works at Albion Fellows Bacon Center, as part of a crisis intervention team.  The very same people who helped her out, when she had to escape.

In 2014, Albion Fellows Bacon Center helped upwards of 800 victims who needed shelter.  Nearly 1,000 people called their crisis hotline.  And teams worked with over 600 people through crisis counseling.  Kelly says the problem isn't going away.  It's difficult for victims to escape the stigma.

"The term 'victim' casts a light on him, that's his problem.  He's the bad person, not me."

On October 1st, a candlelight vigil will be held in Evansville at 6 p.m. to kick off domestic violence awareness month.  Members of the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor's Office and Albion Fellows Bacon Center will gather at the Four Freedoms Monument on Riverside Drive for the ceremony.

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