Operation Hot mess

Operation Hot Mess is this Saturday from 10AM to Noon. This is a great opportunity to show the community how local high school kids come together for a common cause. Below is the information for each high school.

Team 1- Harrison
Captain: Mayor Winnecke
Student Co-Captains:
Meeting Location: Cedar Hall Parking Lot, North End

Boundary: Fulton Ave north to Nestor, Nestor west to 7th Ave, 7th Ave South to Keller St, Keller St east to Fulton Ave, Fulton Ave north to Cedar St, Fulton north to Cody Street, & north on Fulton again back to Nestor Street.

Route: Clean up the Cedar Hall area bound by 7th Ave, Fulton, Nestor and Keller. Hit the neighborhood east of Fulton, between Cody and Cedar Streets.

Team 2- Bosse
Captain: Jacob Keating
Student Co-Captains:
Meeting Location: Meet at the VFW parking lot at W. Indiana and Wabash Ave.

Boundary: Wabash Ave north from the Lloyd Expressway to W. Delaware St, W. Delaware Street east to N. 9th Ave, 9th Ave south to W. Indiana St, W. Indiana St west to N. Wabash. Cross Pigeon Creek, head north on 7th Ave/W. Iowa Street to clean Lamasco Park.

Route: Cover perimeter and side streets as time allows. Cover Lamasco Park. Do not include the Lloyd Expressway.

Team 3- North
Captain: Brian Holtz
Student Co-Captains:
Meeting Location: Fulton Park At N. Fulton Ave and W Franklin St.

Boundary: N. 6th Ave north from W. Franklin to Maryland, Maryland West to Grove, Grove north to Fountain, Fountain east to 4th Ave, 4th Ave south to Franklin St, West to N. 6th Ave

Route: Clean up Fulton Park, head north on N. Fulton to Fountain Ave covering as many east to west streets as possible.

Team 4-Reitz
Captain: Jan Davies
Student Co-Captains: Maggie Pogue, Alex Payne, and Courtney Logue
Meeting Location: Meet at Helfrich Park STEM Academy on W. Maryland Street

Boundary: North on St. Joseph from W. Maryland to Scheip Ln, Scheip Ln east to Mt. Auburn Rd, Mt. Auburn Rd south to Buchanan Rd, Buchanan Rd south to W. Iowa Street, W. Iowa St west to Mt. Auburn Rd, Mt. Auburn Rd north to WFIE.

Route: Pick up Helfrich Park STEM Academy, and then follow the boundary above.

Team 5- New Tech Institute
Captain: Darren Stearns
Student Co-Captains:
Meeting Location: Royal Foods parking lot at W. Missouri St and N. Fulton Ave

Boundary: N. Fulton north to Shanklin St, Shanklin west to Grove, Grove St south to W. Maryland, Maryland St east to Fulton.

Route: Work the perimeter and as many side streets as possible. Avoid Industrial properties.

Team 6- Academy for Innovative Studies
Captain: Sarah Roberts
Student Co-Captains:
Meeting Location: Former Mead Johnson parking lot at St. Joseph Ave and the Lloyd Expressway

Boundary: St. Joseph Ave north from the Lloyd Expressway to W. Columbia St, W. Columbia St east to N. 10th Ave, N. 10th Ave south to the Lloyd Expressway, Lloyd west to St. Joseph Ave

Route: North on St. Joseph Ave to W. Columbia; cover as many major streets (east from St. Joseph to N. 10th) as possible. (Indiana, Illinois, Franklin, Michigan, Virginia, Iowa, Delaware, Columbia) DO NOT INCLUDE THE LLYOD EXPRESSWAY!

Team 7- AIS, First Avenue
Captain: Matt Malcolm
Student Co-Captains:
Meeting Location: Cedar Hall Elementary parking lot, south end