Special Report: Tracking Tires

Special Report: Tracking Tires

(WFIE) - Credit cards and tires seem like completely different things, but safety advocates are pushing for the two technologies to merge.

Just 15% of drivers register their tires. That means 85% won't know if there tires are dangerous and need to be changed if there is ever a recall.

Advocates are asking for the same tracking chips used in credit cards to be added to tires.

Senate Bill 1732 streamlines the process to register tires, but doesn't require the RFID chips.

Tony Kohut of 7-7 Tires in Evansville, Indiana has been selling tires since the 80's and says the chips aren't needed because tires rarely get recalled. The one case he remembers was with Firestone, but he says it might not have been the design of the tire, but the owner not keeping an eye on it.

Tire manufacturers agree to add the chips, but say dealers would have to add the chips to the tires. That means more equipment, more training, and more dollars.

Kohut doubts a measure like this would put him out of business, but at an age for retirement, he wants to wait and see what happens. He says the cost would most likely be passed on to the drivers.

If you're interested in registering your tires, head to your tire manufacturer's website.

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