Students learn about new outbreaks at medical camp

Students learn about new outbreaks at medical camp

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Real-life medical experience for new outbreaks.

That's what some local high school students studied at a camp this summer at the Southern Indiana Career and Tech Center in Evansville.

The students put together a public service announcement, one in particular on Opana, and how instructors say the drug is connected to the HIV outbreak in Scott County.

The camp lasted a week and students learned how people abuse this drug.  It can be injected through a needle.

Korynn Englert is a student at North Posey.  She says she wants to be a doctor and this camp motivated her even more.

"They are mainly high schoolers," said Englert.  "So they thought with it being HIV, they thought it was just kids going and having sexual contact with others. So they didn't think anything of it."

"Drugs are more powerful than you would think and you need to be careful about them," added Brandon Goodall, a Memorial student.

Erin Reynolds was one of the instructors at the camp.

She teaches at USI and says this was the second year for the camp.

They hope to have even more students next year.

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