Daviess Co., KY residents warned of phone scam

Daviess Co., KY residents warned of phone scam

DAVIESS CO., KY (WFIE) - The Daviess County Sheriff's Office is warning residents about a phone scam.

They say someone pretending to work for the county is calling people demanding money and personal information.

Investigators say in one of the cases, the suspected scammer modified their phone number to show the fiscal court's number on the caller ID.

During that call, a woman was told she owed the county money after writing a bad check.

Investigators say the woman called the court to find out how much she owed. That's when she found out she was being set up.

"If you get a call saying you owe money, requesting banking information...don't just automatically give that over the telephone because a legitimate agency is not going to call you cold," said Jim Hendrix, the Daviess County Treasurer.

We're told the county attorney's office will mail you a letter if you owe money.

You will never receive a phone call.

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