Vanderburgh Co. restaurant reports

Vanderburgh Co. restaurant reports

VANDERBURGH CO., IN (WFIE) - Here are the latest food inspection reports (9/17) from the Vanderburgh County Health Department as submitted to WFIE:


Papa John's, 303 N. Weinbach Ave. 1 non-critical violation: repair broken floor tiles

Domino's Pizza #2570, 600 N. Weinbach Ave. 2 critical violations: limited hot water; flies present. 3 non-critical violations: make table not holding 41 degrees F or less; side door needs sweep to prevent insects from entering; facility needs cleaning

Bokeh Lounge, 1007 Parrett St. 2 non-critical violations: bar reach-in has water accumulation; seal unfinished wood around new bar and kitchen hand sink

China Experience & Yihi Japan, 800 N. Green River Rd. 1 critical violation: adult roach seen on shelf.

Thorntons #82, 2401 Morgan Ave. 1 critical violation: gnats inside Krispy Kreme donut display; 1 non-critical violation: back of Coke machine dispensers need cleaning

St. Paul's Episcopal, 301 SE First St. 1 non-critical violation: dish machine final rinse not reaching 180 degrees F.

Xpress Pantry, 221 N. Fulton Ave. 1 critical violation: flies present in kitchen. 2 non-critical violations: wet wiping cloths not stored in chemical sanitizer; grease log not up to date

Spudz N Stuff, 101 NW First Street. 2 critical violations: reach-in table not maintaining 41 degrees or below; gnats present. 2 non-critical violations: reach-in refrigeration table not working as designed; floors soiled

Western Rib Eye, 1401 N. Boeke Rd. 1 non-critical violation: shelving for can goods needs replaced

Yen Ching, 406 S. Green River Rd. 2 non-critical violations: cabbage press soiled; lower shelf of work table in back room soiled

The Bar-B-Q Barn, 1003 E. Diamond Ave. 1 non-critical violation: stack wood in back off the ground

KFC/Taco Bell #C119005, 4422 W. Lloyd Expressway. 1 critical violation: storing soiled utensils as cleaned. 1 non-critical violation: walls by three compartment sink, walk-ins, and dish storage area soiled

Acropolis, 501 N. Green River Rd. 1 non-critical violation: floor by dish machine needs repair

Sunshine Juice Stand, 204 Main St. 2 non-critical violations: juicer lacking adequate spout to dispense juice without mess; lacking maintenance log

Salad World Downtown, 200 A Main St. 3 non-critical violations: improper thawing of salmon which is packaged; soiled reach-in shelving and ice machine guard; soiled ceiling fan

Twilight Bistro, 221 Main St. 1 non-critical violation: using plastic cup as ice scoop

Chick-fil-A, 329 Main St. 1 critical violation: employee unable to wash hands- handsink not operational

Ri Ra Irish Pub, 701 B NW Riverside Dr. 4 critical violations: utensils stored as clean soiled; bar hand sinks not accessible; gnats present throughout; spray bottles not labeled throughout. 4 non-critical violations: dishes not properly air dried before stacking and storing; lacking soap at bar sink; lacking disposable towels at 3 sinks; ice cream cooler soiled

Los Bravos, 4630 W. Lloyd Expressway. 1 critical violation: flies by outside storage. 2 non-critical violations: lacking grease trap log being up to date; floors in back of kitchen and walk-in hold water

Firehouse BBQ Mobile, 931 W. Columbia St. 2 critical violations: employee not washing hands before glove use; no water for hand sink. 1 non-critical violations: storing unnecessary items

No violations:

Bosse High School, 1300 Washington Ave.

Lucky Lady/Playgirl Inc., 523 N. Main St.

Ruth's House, 321 Walnut St.

Great Steak & Potato, 800 N. Green River Rd.

Bourbon Street Grill, 800 N. Green River Rd.

Subway #7836, 800 N. Green River Rd.

Piston's, 2131 W. Franklin St.

Harper Elementary School K-5, 21 S. Alvord Blvd.

Turoni's Forget Me Not Inn, 4 N. Weinbach Ave.

Marigold Bar, 2112 S. Weinbach Ave.

Pizza Hut #316305, 310 N. St. Joseph Ave.

Leroy's Tavern, 2659 Mt. Vernon Ave.

Penn Station, 4827 Davis Lant Dr.

Bob Evans #132, 1125 N. Green River Rd.

Starbucks Coffee Co #9759, 512 N. Green River Rd.

McDonald's, 4701 Lincoln Ave.

Anthony's Heavenly Cheesecake, 1800 Pollack Ave.

Daily's Cakes, 701 N. Main

Savannah's, 1802 Stringtown Rd.

Chipotle Mexican Grill #2077, 499 N. Green River Rd, Ste. A

Teppanyaki Grill, 201B N. Green River Rd.

Sarto Retreat House, 4200 N. Kentucky Ave.

Ozanam II, 1100 Read St.

Roca Bar, 1618 S. Kentucky Ave.

Chuckles Food Mart #5, 401 S. Boehne Camp Rd.

Aldi Foods Inc. #2, 6434 Oak Grove Rd.

Lucid, 204 Main St.

The Peephole Bar & Grill, 201 Main St.

Walgreens #15099, 4701 N. First Ave.

Huck's #383, 3131 Kansas Rd.

Pizza Hut #316308, 925 N. Green River Rd.

Family Dollar #5685, 1320 Vann Ave.

Evansville Otters, 23 Don Mattingly Way

Dairy Queen, 1159 E. Virginia St.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 106 E. Michigan St.

Evansville Lutheran School, 120 E. Michigan St.

NOM Food Truck, 3714 Herman Rd.

River City Dawgs, 302 S. Bosse Ave.

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