USI student government buys phone charging station

USI student government buys phone charging station

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Students at USI have a new option to charge their phones.

The Student Government purchased a phone charging station to start the school year.

They got the idea after using something similar at a conference at Ball State.

Students can enter whatever code they want and it keeps their phone secure while it charges.

There's only one right now on campus, but the response has been great.

"We're actually now starting to look into putting multiple charging stations on campus," said Alexa Bueltel, USI Student Government President.  "We actually had the conversation last semester, before the charging station even got here, about putting it in all the buildings so that way you didn't always have to walk to the UC to charge it."

The chargers also have two spots for tablets.

Altogether, the charging stations cost about $8,000.

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