Gibson Co. eyesore coming down

Gibson Co. eyesore coming down

OAKLAND CITY, IN (WFIE) - A long-time eyesore in Oakland City, Indiana is finally coming down.

The building at 322 North Maine Street has been deemed inhabitable by the Gibson County Board of Public Works and Safety. At one time it was a boarding house, but has been vacant for many years and has deteriorated over time.

The board voted to pursue condemnation of the property and raze the building.

"It has animal feces all through it, it has a termite problem, a bug problem," said Gibson County Inspector & Blight Coordinator, Thomas Johnstone. "There have been critters running it an out of it. It's not a place to be going into."

City officials hope to have the building knocked down by the end of the year.

It won't cost the county anything because they're using federal grants.

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