Vanderburgh Co. restaurant reports

Vanderburgh Co. restaurant reports

VANDERBURGH CO., IN (WFIE) - Here are the latest food inspection reports (8/20) from the Vanderburgh County Health Department as submitted to WFIE:


Pizza Hut #316428, 1357 Covert Ave. 1 non-critical violation: re-caulk around mop sink

Mike Libs & The Chocolate Factory, 864 S. Green River Rd. 1 non-critical violation: floor of production area soiled

Quick Mart, 2508 Washington Ave. 1 non-critical violation: ice freezer leaking water on floor

Gas & Food Mart, 2912 Lincoln Ave. 2 non-critical violations: Coke dispensing nozzles soiled; mops stored in 3 compartment sink

Diamond Lanes, 2400 N. Highway 41. 1 critical violation: no certified food safety person. 1 non-critical violation: prep unit not maintaining 41 degrees F.

Wesselman's Weinbach, 1 N. Weinbach Ave. 2 non-critical violations: walls in deli area need painting; stockroom floors need cleaning

Himalaya Food Mart, 6720 Washington Ave. 1 critical violation: slicer not properly cleaned. 1 non-critical violation: cooler does not have thermometer

Golden Buddha, 3221 Taylor Ave. 1 non-critical violation: floor under dishwasher missing tile

Szechuan Chinese Restaurant, 669 N. Green River Rd. 1 non-critical violation: screen door has opening at top

University Food Mart, 1701 Lincoln Ave. 2 non-critical violations: warmer not maintaining 135 degrees F or higher; walk in cooler needs cleaning

Lincoln Garden, 2001 Lincoln Ave. 5 critical violations: food not covered; no date marking; no scoops in bulk food for dispensing; no sanitizer buckets set up; flies present. 3 non-critical violations: wiping cloths not properly stored; dumpster area needs cleaning; facility needs cleaning

Toast, 1550 Mesker Park Dr. 3 non-critical violations: drinks stored in melted ice; 3 compartment sink leaking; wall behind 3 compartment sink needs painted or covered with FRP board

Hobo Jungle, 1321 S. Barker Ave. 3 non-critical violations: beer reach-ins have water condensation on bottom; doors not protected from insects and mice; water on floor in stage area

China Garden, 501 N. Main St. 2 critical violations: no date marking; insects present. 2 non-critical violations: boxes stores on floor; equipment and storage bins in need of cleaning

Libby & Mom's Cafe, 1 critical violation: no certified food safety person; 1 non-critical violation: containers not 6" off floor

Crazy Buffet II, 5435 Pearl Dr., Ste 3D. 5 critical violations: improper hand washing technique; drinks in reach in and on cook line not covered; foods in refrigerators not protected from cross contamination; reach-in measuring 46-53 degrees and not maintaining 41 degrees or below; lacking date marking on foods. 4 non-critical violations: washing hands in 3 compartment sink; foods uncovered in walk-in; reach-in not working as designed; grease trap maintenance log not up to date

Grandy's #188, 722 Landbridge Ave. 2 critical violations: ice guard soiled; roaches, flies and gnats present. 9 non-critical violations: reach-in not working as designed; prep sink and hand sink leaking at faucets; grease trap log not up to date; floors holding standing water; dry storage lacks light shielding; remove dead roaches from shelves; shelving soiled throughout; walls soiled throughout especially behind 3 compartment sink; walls and ceiling in walk-in soiled

Comfort Inn Mahadev, 19622 Elpers Rd. 1 non-critical violation: no current grease trap maintenance log

McDonalds #10878, 19700 N. Highway 41. 2 non-critical violations: ice machine lid needs replaced; replace broken floor tiles

Show Me's East, 1700 Morgan Center. 1 non-critical violation: sides of some equipment soiled

Old Mill, 5031 New Harmony Rd. 3 critical violations: using store bags to store food in freezer; ready to eat foods lacking date marking; gnats present. 5 non-critical violations: freezers/refrigerators shelving and bases soiled; 3 compartment sink and prep sink have leaks; basement has water in storage and seating area on floor/carpet; storing of unnecessary items; walls soiled by dish machine, floor soiled in prep storage area

Pop's Popcorn, 2616 Lodge Ave. 1 non-critical violation: hot dog lid for warmer is on order

No violations

El Patron, 943 North Park Dr.

Arby's #7255, 3600 First Ave.

Barnes & Noble Bookstore, 624 S. Green River Rd.

The Perfect Plan To Go, 3101 N. Green River Rd., Ste. 310

KW - E & S, Inc., 2218 W. Franklin St.

Subway #23569, 1300 E. Morgan Ave.

Dairy Queen, 4140 First Ave.

Los Bravos, 3534 N. First Ave.

Kitchen Sink Pizza's of Evansville, 815 John St.

St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantry, 809 N. Lafayette St.

Deerhead Sidewalk Cafe, 222 E. Columbia St.

Steve's Una Pizza, 1005 S. St. James Blvd.

Holiday Inn Express, 301 Circle Front Dr.

LaQuinta Inn & Suites, 8015 Division St.

Baymont Inn & Suites, 8005 Division St.

Arby's #6004, 19620 Highway 41

Super 8, 19601 Elpers Rd.

Red Roof Inn & Suites, 19600 Elpers Rd.

El Sabroso, 3012 Covert Ave.

Kelly's Food & Smoke Shop, 3012 Covert Ave.

Zuki, 1448 N. Green River Rd.

Haynie's Corner Pub, 1114 Parrett St.

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