Evansville Animal Control celebrates high adoption numbers

Evansville Animal Control celebrates high adoption numbers

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Officials at Evansville Animal Control are seeing positive effects of some changes they put in place over a year ago.

New numbers show 84 percent of dogs coming into the shelter are either being adopted out - reclaimed - or fostered out.

That number is much higher than other facilities in Indiana, according to councilwoman Missy Mosby, who works as the liaison for Animal Control.

Just last year, officials started a new vaccine program for any animals leaving the facility - and they believe it's starting to pay off.

"I was talking to other communities and they were just astounded because they had a 30 to 40 percent rate and here Evansville has 84 percent," said Mosby.  "And that's just amazing.  And that means 84 percent of the dogs are not being euthanized.  They're being reclaimed, rehomed, or adopted."

"Used to be you would walk through the kennel and hear lots of coughing, lots of runny noses lots of respiratory illness and you don't see that anymore," adds Alisa Webster of Evansville Animal Control.

And with budget hearings this week, Evansville animal control officials are hoping to keep the budget where it is.  So they can keep getting that adoption number higher and higher.

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