Experts stress women’s safety on college campuses

Experts stress women’s safety on college campuses

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - More women on college campuses are buying products like stun guns and pepper spray to protect themselves.

Marvin Lewis, owner of Tri-State Security Products, says he's run out and had to order more because of last-minute orders before school gets back in session.

And Jeff Chestnut, who teaches women's self-defense classes at the University of Evansville, says no matter what size campus, predators can be everywhere.

"We really need to talk about this a lot more," Lewis said.  "There's a lot of young ladies going off to college and who are being attacked and it's a silence where they don't want to talk about it."

"An attacker is all about power and it's yours to give up and he's gonna take it," Chestnut added.  "Number one what I tell our students is he doesn't want to be caught, he wants to get what he wants to do with you and get out."

Marvin Lewis says the numbers are staggering.

One in five women on college campuses will be attacked or raped.

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