Henderson Co. educators participate in Home Blitz

Henderson Co. educators participate in Home Blitz

HENDERSON CO., KY (WFIE) - Henderson County educators participated a Home Blitz on Thursday to help families get ready for the new school year.

Teachers and staff met with students from kindergarten through high school to establish a connection before school starts.

"It makes the kids more comfortable going to school because you've been to my house, you've seen my parents, you know who we are and where we live.' It adds a little bit of relaxation going to school," said Lori Nelson, parent.

The Home Blitz is also a time for parents to ask any last minute questions and to have a guide as they fill out orientation and enrollment information, health consent forms, and more.

"You can actually start your paperwork and get that stuff going. With my older kids, it was you waited until school started and then you had stacks and stacks of paperwork to do so being able to get it done before school starts is just awesome," said Nelson.

The staff also gave out goodie bags at each home.

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