Residents fed up with erratic drivers on Shawneetown Bridge

Residents fed up with erratic drivers on Shawneetown Bridge

GALLATIN CO., IL (WFIE) - Authorities say drivers are causing some real headaches for construction crews on the Shawneetown Bridge in Gallatin County.

One Shawneetown resident says she's seen a lot of crazy driving lately.

"I fish at the barge on the river and there's speeders and they run the red lights on the bridge and I hear the bridge workers yell at them to slow down and to stop and they just don't care," said Angila Durham.

For the past few weeks, traffic has been down to one lane while crews pour concrete. KY state road crews say they've seen drivers not only speed, but slam into construction equipment and come dangerously close to hitting workers.

"I mean, they're fixing that bridge so that we can drive back and forth to Kentucky so we don't have to go and ride the ferry. So, they're saving us time," said Durham.

In effort to stop any more damage, law enforcement is being called out to keep an eye on drivers.

The project is expected to complete late September.

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