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Dinosaur exhibit comes to Owensboro convention center

Source: Owensboro Convention Center Source: Owensboro Convention Center

The Owensboro Convention Center will be hosting Discover the Dinosaurs this weekend.

It's a traveling exhibit that consists of up to 40 moving and replica dinosaurs.

The point of the exhibit is to show kids what it was like when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Simon Stanley, the production manager for Discover the Dinosaurs, says seeing kids react to the exhibit is the best part of this job.

"This is the closest thing I'll ever get to being a real life Santa Claus for the kids. And really everyone on the tour is very into it in terms of 'we like the kids and we do it for the kids’” said Stanley.

Beyond the dinosaurs, there will be an inflatable mine exhibit and man-made-stream where kids can dig for rocks and fossils.

The event opens Friday at noon and continues all weekend.

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