Hundreds stand behind petition in support of Evansville Police Chief

Hundreds stand behind petition in support of Evansville Police Chief

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - After two Evansville city council members openly called for the firing of Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolin, a petition in support of him is circulating on social media.

Phyllip Davis created the petition.

It's already been signed by over 600 people.

The calls for Bolin's resignation came after a Federal Appeals court issued a ruling on the EPD SWAT raid lawsuit from 2012.

The lawsuit came after the EPD SWAT team tossed flash grenades into Louise Milan's home on Powell Avenue in June 2012. Officers were responding to a threat against police, but later found out the threat came from the cell phone of a man using an IP address inside Milan's home.

The three-judge panel said Evansville Police "acted unreasonably and precipitately in flash banging the house without a minimally responsible investigation of the threats."

The Evansville city attorney says he cannot comment on pending litigation, but he did tell us:

"I want to commend the women and men of the EPD. They have a tough job to do, they do it well and they do it in a lawful manner."

This is the statement Brinkerhoff-Riley released on Monday:

"The 7th Circuit decision that the EPD's mistakes during the Milan raid were not reasonable and don't warrant immunity should be the final leadership mistake made by Chief Bolin. A SWAT team is potentially lethal to those they encounter. We cannot afford the potential for another raid that is not warranted. While Chief Bolin is a likeable guy, he is not qualified as an administrator. The closing or planned closings of police stations, pulling patrol officers off of assigned geographic areas to unfamiliar territory for runs, refusing to have a consistent policy on the release of body camera footage, and internal inconsistencies that have led to the low morale of officers are some of the mistakes made. The police department deserves better leadership."

Click here for the petition in support of Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolin.

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