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Special Olympics of Gibson County ask to make alterations to softball field


The Special Olympics of Gibson County is asking city leaders if they can make alterations to a city owned softball field.

The Special Olympics softball team can't use the field they practice on for tournaments because it’s grass and can't be sanctioned as a Special Olympics field.

The team has to borrow other team's fields for practice and tournaments.

Coach Mel Tapley and Ike Belcher hope to change that.

They asked the city of Princeton if they can use an old women’s softball field that hasn't been used since the 1990s.

The city approved that and now the coaches are asking if they can remove the grass from the infield to make it a regulated softball field.

The coaches say the players deserve to have a professional looking field and to finally have a field of their own.

“To see the look on all their faces, to me yeah, they do need it. I think each community and each area needs one so they can call this place home, you know they don't have to travel trying to find a place to play, they don't have to borrow somebody's field, so yes it really does,” said Belcher.

The Princeton Board of Works will be deciding if the Special Olympics team can make alterations to the field on Monday at 5:30.

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