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Mt. Vernon softball tournament raises money for athletic programs


Community members gathered in Mt. Vernon this weekend to watch and play in a softball tournament in memory of Jason Stevens.

Stevens was killed in a car accident 8 years ago.

He played sports throughout high school and when he went into the Air Force he found a love for slow pitch softball.

Teammates say it's a great way for everybody to remember him and what he loved to do and be all together for a weekend again.

“It means everything to me, being his brother, and not really getting to hang out with him as much growing up because of the age difference but getting to be with his friends and kind of taking his place over the weekend and being out in the field with him and stuff like that, and just seeing the community support that we get, I mean it means the world to me and my family,” said Hunter Stevens.

All the money raised through the tournament goes to Mt. Vernon athletics.

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