School programs in Henderson County get a state grant

School programs in Henderson County get a state grant

The Governor of Kentucky just awarded $1-million in grants to schools in the Commonwealth.

Out of that million dollars, the Community Early Childhood Council in Henderson County will get $20,000. Some of that money will go to a new program called "1,000 books before Kindergarten" where museum, zoo and amusement park tickets will be given as incentive to get kids to read.

Among a few other programs, money will also go to a family court co-parent library program, where the local family court judge will assist in developing a library to assist families in developing relationships through reading.

"We are also very excited about our "BornLearning" program, the opportunity for our community to start learning prenatally all the way until they start kindergarten. We had that opportunity to build relationships with the families and make them comfortable at a very early age," said Preschool and Childcare Administrator, Aleisha Sheridan.

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