Back to school balance

There is never a dull moment in the Schmidt home.  Kendra is a mom of six. Gracie, Adyn, Lydia, Adelyn, Selah and Liam keep her busy.
"Last year I had four kids in four different schools that all started at different times and only one could take a bus.  So, I spend a significant amount of time dropping off and picking up," said Schmidt.
This leads to Kendra's first tip:  Carpool.
"We would not survive without carpooling.  To dance class, there are about six families so we only have to drive once every six weeks."
When they are on the road, Kendra has snacks ready to go.
"We take that to a soccer field and they sit and do homework and eat snacks while one of them is practicing, if we don't have time to come home right after school."
Speaking of school, Kendra said grades comes first and so does homework.
"As soon as the kids get home, the first thing they do is get a snack and then they get to homework.  Even though they're tired and they want a break, I think it's better that it's not hanging on them all night long."
Kendra keeps homework and other belongings organized with lockers for each child.
"It doesn't have to be a locker, but if everyone can have a spot where everybody knows these things go when we're in these activities."

Another organizational tip?  Keeping one big schedule.
"Those first weeks, I get all my kids activities.  Here's the soccer, here's this of all the dates, times and games.  I take a stack.  The kids are in bed and I sit down and put them in my phone, my Google calendar and my husband can access it and that's and that's kind of what we all have to live by."

How do you decide which activities are best for your kids?
"It's more about helping them find things that they love and enjoy doing and that you enjoy doing as a family."
She said they try not to take on too much or let societal pressure get the best of them.
"It's easy to get sucked into.  You feel like, we need to be doing this, so trying to be like, it's ok if we don't do everything.  Our family motto is, we can only do the best we can do and quit trying to take on that pressure."

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