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Back to school clothing


Before you get to the store, savings expert Cherie Lowe with the Queen of Free recommends doing an inventory of what you have at home so you are not buying more than you need.  Next, search for coupons.

Use that smartphone to at least Google and see if there are some coupons available to you," said Lowe.

Download store apps to find out what deals they are offering.  When you are ready to shop, Cherie suggests focusing on the basics to save some cash.

"Think about those dark colored solid bottoms that interchange with almost anything as well as tops that are very versatile."

If your kids have to switch from summer styles to school uniforms, buy a few basics to get through the first few months and then cash in on some real deals.

"Typically they are most affordable in the months of December and January.  Or, check with your school to see if they have a uniform exchange program.  Some of them have them set up already."

Cash in and collect rewards through apps like ShopKick and through the store's own rewards program.

"Kohl's or Children's Place both have great rewards programs that don't require you to have a credit card or anything and you gain points with every purchase that you make."

Cherie said it is also important to document what you spend so you can budget for next year's clothing purchases. 

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