Muhlenberg Co. boy selected for new cancer trial vaccine

Muhlenberg Co. boy selected for new cancer trial vaccine

MUHLENBERG CO., KY (WFIE) - 14-year-old Tyler Foster has been battling bone cancer since 2013.

"And well it started swelling really bad and it got as hard as a rock," said Foster.

Now he's one of only a couple of kids undergoing a brand new vaccine trial at the University of Louisville, designed for kids with tumors that just keep coming back.

"I just thought something's going to go wrong.  Something's going to go wrong and I'm not going to make it," said Foster.

"This is a phase one clinical trial in which we give vaccines to patients with high-risk relapsed cancer," said Dr. Ken Lucas, University of Louisville.

The hope is this vaccine will tell Tyler's immune system to attack the bad tumors in his body.

During this trial, Tyler and his parents will make many trips to Louisville for this injectable vaccine over the next four to five months.

"But we hope to actually cure these kids and prevent their tumors from actually coming back," said Lucas.

University of Louisville officials say patients may be referred by their own physician or can be self-referred. Anyone interested in the trial should contact or 502-629-5820.

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