Vanderburgh Co. restaurant reports

Vanderburgh Co. restaurant reports

VANDERBURGH CO., IN (WFIE) - Here are the latest food inspection reports (7/30) from the Vanderburgh County Health Department as submitted to WFIE:


Popeye's Chicken, 3300 N. 1st Ave. 1 critical violation: live insect activity present; 2 non-critical violations: tiles, wall trim and back door need repair; sides of equipment and handles need cleaning

Chavas Mexican Grill, 4202A 1st Ave. 1 non-critical violation: lacking current grease trap maintenance log

OV Water Sports Grill, 325 LST Drive. 1 non-critical violation: grease trap log lacking dates

Honey Baked Ham Co., 1446 N. Green River Rd. 1 non-critical violation: hand sink in prep room needs repair

Cross-Eyed Cricket, 2101 W. Pennsylvania St. 4 non-critical violations: prep table refrigeration not working as designed; in kitchen - wet wiping cloths not stored in chemical sanitizer; lacking chemical test kit; light shield lacking by steam table. 3 critical violations: products in prep table not 41 degrees or below; ready to eat food lacking date marking; lacking grease trap maintenance log

Krispy Kreme, 727 N. Burkhardt Rd. 1 non-critical violation: tile in wash room needs repair

Sunbeam Market, 2581 N. Kentucky Ave. 1 non-critical violation: floors need repaired/replaced

Las Americas Tiendas Restaurant, 1016-A S. Weinbach Ave. 3 non-critical violations: items not 6" off the floor; no tongs available for self service products; floors and tables in need of cleaning. 4 critical violations: no date marking on items held over 24 hours; cutting board soiled; cutting boards not sanitized as required; roaches present

Buehlers Buy Low #453, 4635 First Ave. 1 non-critical violation: floors in bakery need cleaning under equipment

Holiday Retirement Village, 1200 W. Buena Vista. 1 non-critical violation: inadequate freezer storage

Hacienda #16, 5440 Pearl Dr.

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill, 5727 Pearl Dr. 1 critical violation: reach-in foods measuring 48-52 degrees and not maintaining 41 degrees or below. 2 non-critical violations: reach-in not maintaining 41 degrees; cleaning hood vent outside

Pop's Popcorn, 111 Adams Ave. 2 critical violations: not washing hands before placing on gloves and serving food; hand sink station is not accessible. 5 non-critical violations: hot dog warmer lacks lid to protect product; surface top, shelving, and walls of mobile unit are not washable, non-absorbent, durable surfaces; chip rack is not mounted to car, jar of pickles stored on sidewalk; lacking hand soap for hand washing station; lacking disposable towels to dry hands at hand washing station

Canton Inn, 947 North Park Dr. 1 critical violation: gnats present; 2 non-critical violations: boxes not 6" off the floor; floors and walls in kitchen in need of cleaning

Happy Garden, 1927 Pollack Ave. 2 critical violations: no certified food safety employee; scoops needed for rice dispensing. 1 non-critical violation: hood vent needs cleaning

Una Tu Pizza, 709 N. Governor St. 3 critical violations: no certified food safety person; no date marking; flies present. 2 non-critical violations: no hot water at hand washing sink in back area; inadequate lighting in prep area

Kennel Club of Evansville, 5201 Kratzville Rd. 2 non-critical violations: shelving in dish area needs repair/replaced; walls in dish machine and prep area need cleaning

No violations

Franklin Street Bazaar, 2100 W. Franklin St.

Heady's Pizza, 4120 B N.1st Ave.

Millers Vegetable Stand, 4120 N. 1st Ave.

Arby's #5132, 1340 N. Green River Rd.

Hardees, 4400 Covert Ave.

Domino's Pizza #2571, 1304 S. Green River Rd.

River City Dawgs, 302 S. Bosse Ave.

River City Food Co-op, 116 Washington Ave.

Gasoline Alley, 3526 Interstate Dr.

Sam's Club #8123, 6700 E. Virginia St.

Wassmer Golf Shop/Wesselmans Par 3, 551 N. Boeke Rd.

Independence Square, 201 W. Delaware St.

McDonalds #35457, 1617 Bartlett Ave.

Hardees, 4249 Highway 41

Deaconess Farmer's Market, 520 Mary St.

Target T-18, 4000 First Ave.

Subway, 520 Mary St.

Walgreens #6152, 925 S. Green River Rd.

La Campirana, 1212 Washington Square

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, 6636 E. Lloyd Expressway

Moe's Southwest Grill, 6401 E. Lloyd Expressway

The Lunch Box, 1617 S. Weinbach Ave.

Chino Taco Mobile Food Service, 12541 Kanai Dr.

Rounders Pizza, 510 W. Mill Rd.

Pizza King, 1033 S. Weinbach Ave.

Buckner Tower, 717 Cherry Street

Aramark Fifth Third Cafe, 20 NW Third St.

Mulligan's, 5301 Nurrenberg Rd.

Farm Bureaus' Farmers Market, 200 Sycamore St.

Jimmy Johns, 701 N. Burkhardt Rd.

Oasis Cafe and Mediterranean Grille, 5702 E. Virginia St.

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