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14NEWS Investigates: What's that traffic ticket really worth?


You got pulled over.  And here comes the dreaded ticket.

Most people think there's a quota with tickets or that police need to pay the bills.  

But did you know here in Evansville, cops only get $4 out of a ticket that costs you $134 to pay off.

Look at it another way, the public defender's office makes $5 for every ticket.

"So we are actually providing more money to accused criminals, than we are for the police department.  If this was a money making venture for the police department, that would be different," explains Sgt. Jason Cullum with the Evansville Police Department.

With hundreds of construction workers out at the Lloyd and U.S. 41 site, EPD watching the area closely for speeders.

"Since last Wednesday in Indiana, there's been 8 traffic fatalities."

Tickets aren't a money making machine.  

In April, EPD didn't even break $1,700 for all their tickets combined.  Vanderburgh County deputies only earned $300.

But state officials still raised ticket fines on July 1st.

"We don't make enough money for them to keep raising the prices on everything," says Cari Shadrick of Evansville.

14News found out with the new $134 price tag, over $100 of every ticket automatically goes to the state.

"Doesn't surprise me at all," says Shadrick.

"We're doing it out here for the right reasons, and that's to keep the roads safe.  Making money is the last thing on the list."

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