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6 Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities for yourself or a senior loved one, you don’t have to look far. There are numerous resources out there to help match you with a specific cause in your area, like VolunteerMatch.org. We’ve also compiled a list of programs that are specifically looking for senior volunteers:

  1. RSVP, a program of Senior Corps, is one of the largest senior volunteer groups in the country, with close to 300,000 volunteers in a wide range of areas. “RSVP volunteers recruit and manage other volunteers, participate in environmental projects, mentor and tutor children, and respond to natural disasters, among many other activities,” notes NationalService.gov.
  2. Foster Grandparents is a program dedicated to helping children’s organizations through tutoring, mentoring and caring for youth with disadvantages or special needs. They help in diverse settings, including schools, hospitals, child care centers, detention facilities and drug treatment centers. (Extra bonus for grandparents – foster and otherwise: a new study shows that both generations experience less depression when there’s a positive grandparent-grandchild relationship.)
  3. The Senior Companion Program, like the first two programs on our list, is also a Senior Corps program. This one, though, is specifically about helping other seniors – particularly those elderly in the community who are homebound or frail and need help with day-to-day tasks or simply need company.
  4. Seniors Helping Seniors is a program of the Senior Citizens Bureau, which provides educational resources, referrals and support services to seniors, families and caregivers. They have hundreds of volunteers who help with phone calls, e-mails, and research.
  5. The International Senior Lawyers Project is perfect for retired lawyers (though you don’t have to be retired to help them out – just experienced). They provide pro bono legal support to civic groups and other non-governmental organizations, as well as to governments of developing countries, promoting human rights and social justice worldwide.
  6. Road Scholar Service Learning, as their website states, “is like a ‘volunteer vacation,’ only better.” Created by Elderhostel, these programs bring the expertise of older volunteers to a variety of needy causes both in the U.S. and around the world: helping build villages and trails, teaching much-needed skills. assisting with critical conservation and preservation projects, and more.

Source: A Place For Mom

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