Confederate flag supporters hold rally in Owensboro

Confederate flag supporters hold rally in Owensboro

OWENSBORO, KY (AP) - Supporters of the Confederate flag held a rally in Owensboro on Sunday. It's the second such rally in less than a month.

The group met at the old Sears building at the Towne Square Mall before riding through the city to the riverfront.

Rally organizer Zachary Baxter says the Confederate flag should still fly.

"I've always had family that we're from the south, and the flag to me is just heritage. I grew up with it, it's been in my life since I was little," said Baxter.

The group took time to talk openly about why the flag is important to them and about it's history.

"There's over six different flags in the Confederacy and the rebel flag is just one of them. It's a battle flag," said Baxter.

Supporters say some groups do use the flag for the wrong reasons, but say that's not what it stands for.

"It's not about racism, you can ask anybody who actually knows their history on the rebel flag, it's nothing to do with racism at all," said Dakota Head.

Those who attended Saturday's rally say they will keep the Confederate flag flying.

"Showing our freedom of speech we are exercising our right... standing up for ourselves... and nobody is going to take that away from us," said Head.

A few people at the event said they will be attending another rally this Friday in Frankfort, Kentucky.

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