Man walking across America to raise money for cancer research

Man walking across America to raise money for cancer research

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The dangerously hot weather is not stopping one man's mission to raise awareness for cancer research.

Meet Larry Lawrence.

He's from Louisiana, but we found him walking along Highway 41 in Evansville.

He tells us he's walking through all 50 states to raise money for cancer research.

He says he's lost family and friends to cancer.

So far, Larry's walked over 4,500 miles and been through 8 states.

He sleeps wherever he can at night.

He's staying hydrated as much as he can, even had a Kentucky State Trooper bring him a bottle of water during his journey through the Tri-state.

"It's getting rough but I'm still going to keep going no matter what.  No matter what.  If I run out of food and water, I'll fill my water bottle up and I won't even need food.  Just keep going and hit every state no matter what, that's a promise.  And I've actually had a cop stop and ask me if I wanted a cup of coffee.  I said a bottle of water would be great.  He actually handed me a bottle of water.  It was a state trooper in Kentucky."

Here's the link to Larry's website to support his journey.

Larry plans to hand all of his earnings over to Cancer Treatment Centers of America when he reaches Arizona.

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