Longer Evansville airport runway, means unbearable noise for neighbors

Longer Evansville airport runway, means unbearable noise for neighbors

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - "Early wake up calls, more noise than we've ever heard, we even smell the diesel fuel."

For those who live in the subdivisions adjacent to Evansville Regional Airport, they've learned to live with noise.

But when the runway was extended and completed in 2014, that noise level became unbearable.

Sharon Hart has called Malibu Drive home for 22 years.  But stand in her sunroom and you hear the jet engines.

"They have grown.  They have increased flights.  And I know that's good for the economy, but taking off next to my home is not good for my home. It's not good for my property value," explains Sharon.

In fact, one women I spoke with Monday afternoon said she sold her house and moved away because of the noise.

Another person showed me a crack down the side of their home that wasn't there until the runway project was completed.
To comply with new FAA standards, the existing runway shifted towards Sharon's home.  
Everyone I spoke with in this neighborhood will be voicing their opinion at a meeting of airport officials and engineers Tuesday night.

"On a Sunday afternoon, I've occasionally had four taking off when we're working out in the yard."

Engineers I spoke with say the airport is severely restricted under the FAA with what it can do to help lessen the noise problem.

That meeting is from 6-8 p.m. at Christian Fellowship Church on Millersburg Road.

Engineers in charge of the meeting say this is to discuss preliminary noise problems caused by the runway shift.  No decisions will be made Tuesday night.

Robert LaFayette, with the engineering firm CHA Companies, says this is the first in a series of three meetings.

LaFayette says officials will update the public on environmental assessments and noise contour measures.

Several people in the Malibu Park subdivision say measures to decrease the noise problem we're talked about prior to the new runway construction.

But nothing was ever done to help.

We will have a reporter at Tuesday's meeting bringing a recap of what can be done to alleviate the problem.

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