Body found in Warren County, Indiana linked to Evansville missing person case

Body found in Warren County, Indiana linked to Evansville missing person case

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - A body found in Warren County, Indiana is being linked to an Evansville missing person case. 

Right now, authorities aren't releasing the person's identity, but do say they found the person inside a car submerged in a creek under the State Road 63 overpass.

Evansville police and the Warren County sheriff believe there's a strong possibility the person found, identified as a white male, is a missing person from Evansville. 
Sheriff Bill Miller says they got a call around 1 p.m. Thursday from a bridge inspector who noticed a car in Possum Run Creek. After a couple of hours, crews pulled out the car and the body.

Running the car's license plates led them to Evansville, and that's when Evansville police determined the car does belong to an Evansville man who went missing June 18

Investigators believe, based on what they've found, that it was a traffic accident. They suspect the car was going northbound before it ended up in the creek. 

At this point, they don't know when it happened, but do say it's obvious the car had been in the water for quite some time.

"There's pieces of the vehicle that we found up on the roadway that led down to where the vehicle was in its final resting position," Warren County Sheriff Bill Miller says. "I have had contact with the family member that has reported the individual missing, and they understand where we're at, and you know, what we're doing. Very understanding family."

The sheriff says high creek water, because of heavy rain, is likely what made it tough to spot the car. 

Right now, they don't suspect foul play, but are still investigating.

An autopsy is scheduled for Saturday. Officials hope that will give them a positive identification.

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