Henderson family remembers late husband, father in special way

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - Marvin Trent died when he collapsed inside a coal mine, due to a heart problem in 2014. He is no longer with his family physically, but he is with them through memories, and now, new family pictures.

A photographer originally from Henderson connected with the Trent family and posted a Facebook status saying she was coming back to town. That's when the Trents came together with an interesting idea.

"She suggested doing pictures at the headstone," said Holly Trent. "At first, I was like, 'I don't know I think it's going to be sad with us there.' But it wasn't. We had a box of pictures, kind of spread out a blanket. It was a good time for us because we just got to sit and look at pictures and talk about memories and smile and laugh. Almost forgot she was even taking our pictures."

They also took pictures on the tailgate of Marvin's truck; a place the family says was one of his favorite spots.

Holly says Marvin was adventurous and she's trying to fill those shoes.

"My time with my kids right now is really valuable," she said. "I want to make it the best that I can, so we have traveled a lot this summer. Knowing that we may not always have tomorrow makes you want to do those things today."

She says they are doing well, but they will never forget the man they called husband and dad.

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