Daviess County Residents voice opinion against proposed truck wash

In Daviess County, more than 100 people packed a meeting tonight... Mad about plans for a proposed "hog truck wash" along Highway 258.   The meeting was at Saint Alphonsus Church on Highway 56.

Don Clements has lived in Daviess County for decades. He's concerned about his neighbors and their well-being if a recently proposed truck wash is built down the road from his house. "I came out to support those who are going to object to this truck hog wash which will adversely effect their property values and quality of life," said Clements.

Iron Maiden Hog Farmer Jerrry O'Bryan wants to build an indoor facility where he can wash his five semi-trucks and trailers.  But it's not just an ordinary wash bay.  The facility would also heat the truck and trailers to 160 degrees to kill bacteria and cool them down. 
O'Bryan's representative Frank Brancato says the water will not run off to adjacent properties. It will drain into a septic tank then off to a pond.

Farmer Jerry O'Bryan would not go on camera, but his representatives tell they will comply with all regulations and get all proper permits for the facility